5 Signs Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs Repairing

bathroom plumbing

There are some bathroom plumbing issues that you can fix on your own. But it’s very easy to make the problem worse if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, how can you tell when your bathroom plumbing needs professional repair? You’ll find the answers in this guide.

Below, we’ve listed the most common warning signs that you need a professional plumber to look at your bathroom. Read through this guide and call a plumber if you notice any of these signs.

1. Leaks or Puddles

If you notice a puddle in the same area of your bathroom every time you walk in, it seems you have a leak. And leaks are very destructive to your home so don’t hesitate to get it repaired.

That is, water damage to your walls and floors is usually much more difficult to fix than the leak itself. And, if you wait to fix it, the leak could get worse. It may even burst open, spraying water everywhere.

2. Dripping Faucet

Some people think it’s not worth it to call a plumber for something as minor as a leaky faucet. Truthfully, though, this constant waste is drip, drip, dripping your money right down the drain! According to the EPA, fixing household water leaks can save you 10% off your water bill

3. Abnormal Water Pressure

There should never be a significant change in your water pressure. If there is, you should call a plumber. Water pressure problems are often serious warning signs that should not be ignored.

For example, it could be that your bathroom fixtures are restricting the water flow and need replacing. This causes pressure build-up within the pipes that can damage your plumbing. Or it could be a leaky pipe somewhere deep within your home’s plumbing system. 

In any case, call for expert plumbing services right away.

4. Abnormal Water Quality

There also shouldn’t be any changes to your water quality. If your water tastes different or is murky, colored, or smelly, do not use it. These are likely signs that your water is contaminated and could be harmful to your health.

Call a plumber immediately to come and test your water. In the meantime, get plenty of bottled water to use instead.

5. A Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are another problem that many people think they can fix on their own. And, sometimes, that’s true.

You can definitely try using a plunger/pulling hair and other debris out of the drain pipe. But, if these gentle methods don’t help, call a plumber. 

Any further attempts to unclog the drain could make the problem worse. For example, chemical products that claim to remove clogs might also damage your plumbing.

Get Your Bathroom Plumbing Fixed Today

Don’t ignore these warning signs. If you’re experiencing any of these bathroom plumbing issues, contact us right now. Feel free to share with us any questions or concerns you have as well.

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