7 Reasons for a Smelly Drain and What You Should Do Next

smelly drain

Is there an odd smell coming from your drain?

Strange and foul odors coming from drains aren’t uncommon at all. In fact, most people who own a sink have probably experienced some smells from it at one point or another!

Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s nice, though. A smelly drain can be an awful problem, and getting it fixed is a must! But, to find a solution you first have to identify the problem.

Take a look at the top causes of smelly drains and what to do about them.

1. A Broken P-Trap

Whether you’re dealing with a smelly sink drain or a smelly bathroom drain, the problem could be the P-trap. This is the curved section of piping that leads out of the sink, and it’s designed to create a water seal that prevents nasty gases from coming into your home. If yours is broken or isn’t holding water, this is probably the cause of your problem. 

In these cases, unless you have plumbing knowledge, it’s best to call in a professional plumber to help you. 

2. Blocked Air Vents

Air vents are essential to every drain. This is where backflowing, smelly gases can escape rather than coming back into your home. If yours is blocked up, these gases are likely coming back up into your house and causing nasty smells.

Again, this will require a professional to sort, so call one as soon as possible!

3. Smelly Gunk in Your Faucet

When it comes to how to clean smelly drains, the first thing to check is the faucet. This is usually a quick smelly kitchen drain remedy that could sort your problem if there’s no structural damage. Remove the aerator cap of your faucet and take a look inside for any buildup of gunk or dirt. 

If there is some, clean it off with a cloth or old toothbrush and bleach or bathroom cleaner. This will probably be a smelly job, but it could fix your problem. 

4. Bacteria in Your Pipes

When you use your sink, it’s normal for bacteria to start building up in it and feeding off the debris. These can start to produce nasty, eggy smells that come back up into your home. This is particularly common in kitchen sinks and can be solved with a good drain cleaner or drain cleaning services

5. Mold in the Drain

Similar to bacteria, mold can start to grow in drains, especially in those that might not be used as often, such as shower drains. This mold can really start to smell and could be causing your problem. If you’re wondering how to clean a smelly shower drain, here’s what you need to do:

  • Pour boiling water down the drain and leave for a few minutes
  • Pour baking soda down the drain and leave for 5 minutes
  • Pour white vinegar down the drain and leave for at least 10 minutes
  • Rinse with boiling water

Call in a Plumber to Sort a Smelly Drain

If you have a smelly drain and you’re not sure why don’t wait for the problem to go away; they usually never do! Instead, check out our range of plumbing services and call our team in to help.

Our plumbers can fix clogs, backups, broken pipes, and more!

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