Can a Tankless Water Heater Be Installed Outside Your Home?

can a tankless water heater be installed outside

Tankless water heaters can save you money, and they take up less room than a tanked model. Some property owners want to save more space by keeping the tankless unit outside, which raises the question: can a tankless water heater be installed outside?

Some companies design tankless water heaters for use in the outdoors, meaning that property owners can install them outside. Find out more about this process with Tampa Bay Plumbers by calling 813-696-3634.

Outdoor Installation for Tankless Water Heaters

Property owners can find specially designed outdoor tankless water heaters on the market. Professional plumbers can safely install these heathers on the outside of a home. Both gas and electric tankless water heaters can go outside.

When placing an outdoor tankless water heater, plumbers need to adhere to guidelines. They should not install these heaters close to doors or operable windows, as this can allow carbon monoxide to enter the house.

Protecting an Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

You may need to construct a protective structure before installing a tankless water heater. Gas water heaters technically do not require a covering while operating outdoors. Electric water heaters, on the other hand, should have protection from the elements.

Additionally, you may want to consider extra protection for the water pipes that lead from the heater to your home. These pipes may freeze in the winter months. Applying pipe insulation can help reduce the chances of a pipe bursting due to low temperatures.

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Can a tankless water heater be installed outside? Depending upon the model, you can choose to install a tankless water heater indoors or outdoors. However, these models vary. Indoor installation requires tankless water heaters with extra ventilation gear, allowing dangerous gas to escape properly.

Outdoor models don’t need these ventilation structures because they operate out of doors. However, water heaters installed outdoors may require extra maintenance, such as:

  • Annual inspections
  • Rust removal and prevention
  • Filter cleaning

All water heaters require regular filter checks to ensure that they only distribute clean water into a home or business. Outdoor systems may last for many years if they receive proper care. Many property owners select electric heaters, which tend to be cheaper and more energy-efficient. Selecting the correct unit also allows you to save space inside your home.

Contact Professionals to Install a Tankless Water Heater

Can a tankless water heater be installed outside? Yes, companies make tankless water heaters designed explicitly for outdoor use. Learn more about tankless water heaters for indoor or outdoor use with the team at Tampa Bay Plumbers. This team of expert plumbers can answer your questions about water heaters and schedule an installation when you call 813-696-3634.

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