Common Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself

plumbing problems

Have you ever had a plumbing issue in your home that you weren’t sure if you could fix yourself? If you’ve fixed some basic plumbing problems in the past, it might be tempting to try and tackle the next one by yourself. However, there are instances where you should really call a professional.

So if you’re a Tampa Bay resident, when should you call a plumber?

If you need to ask yourself, “is DIY plumbing safe for this project,” then you’re probably better off calling a professional. In this article, we’re outlining plumbing issues that you absolutely need a professional for and why.

Clearing Clogged Sewer Line

Clogged sewer lines affect your entire plumbing system. It causes sewer backup that often damages your walls, floors, furniture, and so on.

While it’s tempting to handle it yourself, it’s one of the more dangerous plumbing problems that need a professional to fix. You need specific equipment to unclog the lines and have knowledge on how to use them.

If you need to clear a clogged sewer line, we recommend calling a professional.

Finding Leaks

If you’ve noticed your water bills going up despite your usage staying the same, chances are you’ve got a leak. While it’s one of the most common plumbing problems, finding a leak is harder than you might expect.

It’s not always going to be under your sinks. A professional will find leaks in areas where you won’t expect, making them invaluable here.

Burst Pipes

While a leaking pipe can usually be DIY-ed, a burst pipe is something else entirely. You can apply a pipe patch, but that’ll only work for so long.

Burst pipes require a complete pipe replacement. Calling a professional to do this is your best bet.

Replacing Water Heater

A good rule for homeowners to follow is whenever an issue involves electricity, call a professional. Water heaters involve heavy machinery and a lot of electricity.

This means you should call up a pro to replace your next heater. Experts know how to do the job efficiently and safely, leaving no risks in your hands.

Fixing Gas Line

Gas leaks are hazardous, and you should evacuate your family immediately. Call an expert immediately if you think you have a gas leak.

Acting quickly and calling an inspector and plumber here is crucial. Inspectors will check if there’s an issue with your gas line, after which they’ll call a professional to fix the leak.

Underground Plumbing Repair Jobs

Underground plumbing jobs require lots of specific equipment and knowledge, most of which homeowners don’t have. You also need permits to start digging, or else you’ll have the local police to deal with.

This is why you should leave any underground work to your plumbers. This minimizes any risk and saves you plenty of time and money.

Tampa Plumbing Services to Address Plumbing Problems

If you’ve got plumbing problems, chances are calling a plumber is the best bet. Use this guide to know exactly when you should DIY it and call your local plumber.

Looking for reliable Tampa plumbing services? Contact us today or check out the rest of our blog for more informative articles!

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