Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing Damage in Florida?

does homeowners insurance cover plumbing

Homeowners insurance can indeed be a lifesaver in many situations, but it can sometimes be unclear precisely what your policy covers. While regular checkups and maintenance from a certified plumber such as Tampa Bay Plumbers LLC will prevent many issues, when the worst happens, it’s important to know the answer: does homeowners insurance cover plumbing problems in the state of Florida? 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the situations and items your homeowners insurance is likely to cover in the event of a catastrophe.

Your Neighbor’s Plumbing

If, for some reason, your neighbor’s plumbing had an unexpected issue and the water has damaged your home, their insurance will likely cover the damages. Your homeowners insurance may or may not cover the cost of the damage until reimbursement from your neighbor’s insurance claim comes, so you may have to pay for the initial damages out of pocket. 

Dwelling Coverage

If your home insurance includes dwelling coverage (which it should), any damage to your home from leaking or burst pipes will most likely be covered. This coverage may also apply to any appliances built into your home that end up damaged from the water leak, such as your washing machine or water heater. 

Your Belongings

If your homeowners insurance includes personal property damage, then it should cover water damage to any of the belongings in your home that end up casualties of a water leak or broken pipe. 

Other Structures

If your Florida homeowners insurance coverage includes other structures, such as sheds, detached buildings, garages, and guesthouses, then it will most likely cover damage to them if the burst pipe occurred there or affected the other structure. 

Exceptions and Things To Keep in Mind

Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing issues all the time, even in the above situations? Unfortunately, the answer is no. While the final decision is up to the insurance agent checking the scope of the damage and the insurance company they belong to, whether the resulting damage is covered or not can depend on various other factors. 

First and foremost, insurance agencies in Florida typically only cover sudden and accidental damage to the plumbing system. If you don’t perform proper maintenance, allow your pipes to freeze, neglect normal wear and tear, or ignore a slow leak, the resulting damage will likely be ruled as your fault. Similarly, if your plumbing is outdated or at high risk of failing, your insurance will likely refuse to cover it at all. 

Additionally, most homeowners insurance companies in Florida neglect to cover mold damage, except as an add-on to your policy. Because mold damage is so common in hot and humid states like Florida, adding mold coverage to your policy, if possible, is always wise. 

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While you’ll end up covered for most plumbing issues as long as you take proper care of your home, it’s still essential to work with a trustworthy, certified plumbing professional when maintenance is needed. If you’ve noticed a leaking pipe, for example, it’s essential to call an expert right away to get it fixed properly before the damage progresses too far. Contact Tampa Bay Plumbers at 813-696-3634 to schedule a visit from us today.

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