Top 9 Signs That You Need an Emergency Septic Service

emergency septic service

A septic tank failure is the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with. Your septic system can last as long as 30 years, but with old age, improper use, or a lack of septic tank maintenance, it may fail before then. Homeowners should be aware of the signs that indicate they need an emergency septic service.

The issues associated with septic system failure can result in costly repairs or a complete septic system replacement if problems are extensive. It’s vital to contact emergency plumbers in Tampa right away to avoid further damage. The following signs indicate that you need emergency septic service.

1. Your Septic System Clogs Frequently

One of the first indicators of a future septic tank failure is frequent clogs. Your shower, sinks, bathtub, and other drains need unclogging to avoid a sewage backup. These problems can get worse at any time, which is why emergency service is important.

Persistent clogs most commonly occur when your septic tank is full or overflowing. Clogging isn’t always the homeowner’s fault — storms can cause these issues too. A professional plumbing service can unclog pipes and remove waste from your septic tank to allow more room.

2. You Have Damaged Pipes

Septic system pipes can sustain damage when animals try to enter your home or vehicles crush them. These unforeseen challenges can allow wastewater to penetrate your yard or cause issues with your household drains.

Roots from large plants, trees, and shrubs near your system can wrap around your pipes, causing the pipes to crack. You can avoid this damage by ensuring plants are far from your septic system.

3. Your Drain Field Is Flooded

A flooded drain field is common when a septic tank overflows. While the wastewater is toxic to people, it has the opposite effect on your grass. Homeowners will typically see a patch of vibrant green grass in their yard if they have a flooded drain field. The flooded area may also appear soggy.

The best solution to avoid flooding from an overflowing tank is to follow septic system maintenance tips. Being proactive and getting a septic tank pumping every few years can help you mitigate issues that could worsen.

4. You Smell Foul Odors

Another obvious sign that you need an emergency septic service is foul odors. These odors will be more noticeable when sewage is incredibly backed up, especially if sewage backs up into your shower or sink. Sewage in your home’s drains can also be enough to create a lasting odor.

Not only are foul odors from sewage unpleasant, but they also contaminate the air and can be unhealthy if not resolved promptly. You should avoid using water if you encounter a foul sewage smell and seek emergency plumbing services immediately.

5. Your Water Has High Nitrate Levels

Getting your water tested is crucial to maintaining your and your family’s health. Nitrate levels become high when anaerobic bacteria increase in your septic tank. These bacteria feed on oxygen in wastewater and multiply.

High nitrate levels can wreak significant havoc on groundwater if you have a well. When nitrates and sewage leak into your drinking and bathing water, you are at risk for extreme illness. High concentrations of nitrates are most common in wells without filtration systems or if your septic tank is overflowing.

6. You Flush Non-Flushable Items

Non-flushable items are labeled “non-flushable” for a good reason. The following items can clog your septic system severely:

  •       Hygiene products
  •       Dental floss
  •       Paper towels
  •       Baby wipes
  •       Contact lenses
  •       Cat litter
  •       Food
  •       Medications
  •       And some items marked “flushable,” including flushable wipes

It can be easy to forget and accidentally flush these products, but clogs, sewage backup, and septic tank overflow can happen with one wrong flush. It’s also not uncommon for kids to be interested in watching things go down the toilet. Monitoring small children while in the bathroom can prevent accidents from happening.

7. You See Sewage

Yet another obvious indication of necessary emergency septic service is visible sewage. If you see sewage in your shower, sink, or another place where it can back up, you’ll need to notify professionals immediately.

No one wants to smell sewage, but it poses a more significant threat when it’s in your bathroom or kitchen. Backed-up sewage keeps you from using essential amenities and creates a foul odor in your home.

You may also see signs of sewage in your yard if overflowing problems are excessive. A professional septic tank service will pump your tank to ensure waste doesn’t back up again.

8. Your Water Drains Slowly

Many homeowners assume slowly draining water is a sign of a drain obstruction they can remove. However, when your water drains slowly, the last thing you should do is figure out the problem yourself. A toilet or shower that is slow to drain indicates a full septic tank.

Using drain cleaner in this situation often makes the problem worse. You’ll need a professional to unclog drains and clean your septic tank to prevent a sewage backup in your bathroom or kitchen.

9. You Use Water Excessively

Septic systems have limits to how much they can hold. If your family uses a significant amount of water each day, your septic system may wear out quicker than usual. Excess water in septic systems leads to leaks and requires a professional repair service.

Trust the septic tank service experts in Tampa, FL at Tampa Bay Plumbers for prompt emergency septic tank services. We are available seven days a week to resolve your plumbing issues, no matter how extensive. Contact us for emergency septic service at (813) 758-6237.

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