Engineered Grease Trap Installation by Tampa Bay Plumbers LLC

Engineered Grease Trap Installation

Video Transcription:

Ryan: Hey, this is Ryan Pelky here with Tampa Bay Plumbers. And we are installing an engineered grease trap. The benefit of this is we’re going to greatly reduce by the magnitude of hundreds of thousands of dollars the pumping and maintenance costs of cleaning these grease traps over the life expectancy of the system. I’ve got David [inaudible 00:01:09.180] here with Schier Products, the manufacturer of these tanks. And we just wanted to say a few words about them. Go ahead, David.

David: So, the Schier Products an engineered grease interceptor, designed to be high efficiency, low footprint. So we can greatly reduce the footprint of the system, while greatly reducing the efficiency and the storage capacity, which means cheaper maintenance cost, cheaper pump-out cost. And it’s a lifetime warranty product. As long as that system is installed properly, maintained properly, we’ll warranty it for life of the plumbing system.

Ryan: So, one of the things that I was struck by was that this system, if we put concrete tanks in here, it would require 12,000-gallon capacity.

David: This project would require 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of capacity. We’re doing it in 2,000 gallons of capacity. And we’re actually increasing the grease retention capacity of the system. So, you’ve got a significantly lower footprint, significantly lower pump situation, and a lifetime product.

Ryan: So what that means is, every time these tanks are cleaned, that we’re going to be reducing the gallons removed by between 8,000 and 10,000 gallons, every single time it’s pumped, which this system requires being pumped, I believe every quarter?

David: Every 90 days, so four times a year.

Ryan: So four times a year. So, on an annual basis, we’re reducing the pumping bill by 40,000 gallons of material, which is going to result in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life expectancy of the system.

David: It’s a big number.

Ryan: It’s a big number. So it pays for itself over time.

David: It does. There is a payback on it. And the installation cost is less, because you’re not craning in large concrete tanks. You know. You’ve done this with a much smaller piece of equipment.

Ryan: Yeah. Two small pieces. Two small machines. You know, I’ll tell you, we couldn’t be happier with it. And we’re going to start spec-ing these on all of the jobs that we do here at Tampa Bay Plumbers. So, from Tampa Bay Plumbers and Schier Products, we appreciate you. You have a good day. Call us for any information at 813-PLUMBER. That’s area code 813 PLUMBER. Or you can find us on our website at And Schier Products, how can they reach you?

David: They can reach me, I’m the local Tampa rep, I can be reached at 813-787-0651. We’re all over the state, all over the country. We can take care of your sizing. Anything else you need, we’re here to help with it.

Ryan: All right. Thanks a lot, David.

David: Thanks, Ryan. Appreciate you.

Ryan: My pleasure.

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