2021 Garbage Disposal Repair Cost

garbage disposal repair cost

Negotiate like a pro the next time you need a plumber by learning the average garbage disposal repair cost! The trusty garbage disposal emerged as an essential appliance in American kitchens decades ago. Ever since then, the cost of repairs has steadily declined, along with the price of the unit itself. 

Avoid overpaying for your garbage disposal repair by understanding the average cost of repairing a garbage disposal in this guide by Tampa Bay Plumbers.

What Is the Average Garbage Disposal Repair Cost?

The average cost of a garbage disposal repair ranges from $50 to $150. A complete replacement is often in the same range—around $100. Depending on your unit’s age, make, and model, it may make sense to replace your garbage disposal instead of replacing it. Half of all garbage disposal problems require repairs, while the other half calls for replacements.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Garbage Disposal Repair

While you can expect to pay about $100 to repair a garbage disposal unit, several factors can increase or decrease that amount. Some of the factors that affect the cost of a garbage disposal repair include:

  • Extent of damage – More damage, higher cost
  • Home construction date – Older homes often mean higher labor costs
  • Home location – Cities are more expensive than rural areas
  • Date and time – Weekend, holiday, and emergency services cost more

Other factors that may impact the final cost of your repair include the model of your garbage disposal and the plumber’s experience level. In general, reputable, licensed plumbers cost more than the neighborhood handyman. Certified plumbers carry insurance in the event your home suffers property damage and typically have more experience with garbage disposal repairs, so they end up doing a better job.

Most Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Know what to expect during your garbage disposal repair by learning the average cost to fix most problems. Familiarize yourself with these common garbage disposal issues and their associated costs.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Depending on where you live, a clogged garbage disposal will cost you at least $50 to repair. The maximum price can reach as high as several thousand if it turns out that your main drain line has suffered a clog. 

Leaking Garbage Disposal

If you can see water leaking from your garbage disposal, it likely means you have a worn-out seal. Garbage disposals typically last for 10 years. After that, some components start to give out. If your seal is damaged, you might as well replace the entire unit. Otherwise, it will cost upwards of $50 to repair it.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

In most cases, you can repair your jammed garbage disposal by following these eight steps to take when your garbage disposal is making a humming sound. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you could find yourself facing a $50 fee just for the plumber to show up on top of the cost of parts and repairs.

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