Top Reasons Why Your Hot Water Heater Is Not Working

hot water heater not working

A faulty hot water heater is a major inconvenience because you use it daily in your home. Whether you’re taking a hot shower, washing clothes, or running the dishwasher, the water heater will provide a steady stream of hot water through the tap from the tank. 

When the appliance goes out, you’ll need to find out why the hot water heater is not working so that you can get the repair or replacement you need. Before contacting a plumber, let’s talk about the most common reasons why hot water heaters stop working.

1. Leaking Tank

An apparent sign of water heater trouble is when your tank is leaking, which may explain a sudden change in your hot water supply. Water pooling under the appliance often means that the tank is leaking due to excessive rust or pressure. Wear and tear from rubber gaskets, valves, and the dip tube can also produce leaks at the top of the tank.

2. Malfunctioning Gas Valve

A gas water heater that doesn’t generate hot water could have one or more issues. If there are no leaks within the unit’s supply line and the pilot light stays on, the issue could be the gas valve itself. A damaged or faulty gas valve is not repairable, so you must replace it if it isn’t functioning correctly.

3. Failing Electric Water Heater Function

If your electric hot water heater is not working, a lack of electricity could be the reason. If the heater doesn’t produce hot water, be sure to turn off the heater, then reset the circuit breaker to ensure that electricity flows to the appliance. If the heater trips the breaker, even after pressing the reset button, you might need an electrician’s assistance.

4. Faulty Thermostat

A water heater relies on a thermostat set between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit to produce hot water. If the water coming from your faucets is too hot or not hot enough, you may have a thermostat issue. A broken or faulty thermostat will not efficiently monitor the water tank’s temperature, so a replacement may be necessary.

5. Sediment in the Water Heater Tank

Brown or red-colored water coming from the tap usually indicates a sediment buildup inside the water tank. Tap water contains minerals that are safe to drink but leave deposits or residue at the bottom of the tank over time. After a while, the mineral accumulations can produce discolored hot water. 

You may need to flush your water heater to address the issue. If the discoloration comes from rust or corrosion inside the pipes of an older system consisting of galvanized iron, pipe replacement is the best solution.

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