How Often Do You Need to Empty a Septic Tank?

how often do you empty a septic tank

Property owners in Tampa rely on their septic tanks to hold waste from their sewage system. Eventually, septic tanks fill up and require emptying. So, how often do you empty a septic tank? In most cases, property owners must drain their tanks every three to five years, but this depends on the size of the tank and other factors.

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Determining When to Empty Your Septic Tank

How often do you empty a septic tank? Plumbers cannot give you one set answer to this question. The time interval between emptying your tank depends on:

  • How many people live in your house
  • What you flush
  • The size of your tank

For example, let’s say you have a family of four with a 1,000-gallon tank. In this situation, you may want to empty the tank every three years. If you only have a 750-gallon tank, on the other hand, you may require a septic tank appointment every two years.

Signs That You Should Empty the Septic Tank

Many property owners try to keep to a schedule for septic tank cleaning. However, you may notice issues that indicate a need to bump up the appointment. Consider reaching out to a plumbing professional if you notice:

  • Your toilets or sinks draining slowly
  • Strong, unpleasant odors from the yard
  • Lush and green grass over the septic tank
  • Sewage backups in your home or business

You may also notice water pooling in places in your yard. All of these issues can indicate that your septic tank has filled up and that you should empty it promptly in order to prevent sewage issues. You can set up an appointment for an assessment, even if it’s off-schedule.

Results of Leaving a Septic Tank to Overfill

You can face a number of severe consequences if you delay getting a septic tank emptied here in Florida. You may end up dealing with wastewater back-flowing into your home. Many property owners report a strong raw sewage smell as the tank backs up.

Your neighbors may complain if the problem continues. Fortunately, you can address the issue by having your tank emptied before it progresses further.

Set Up an Appointment to Empty Your Septic Tank

How often do you empty a septic tank? You may need to drain a tank every few years, depending upon the size of your tank and how many people live on your property. A Tampa septic tank service can schedule service if you believe your tank is nearly full. You can contact Tampa Bay Plumbers for professional help when you call 813-696-3634.

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