4 Causes of Main Sewer Line Clogs and Ways to Fix it

main sewer line clog

If your main sewer line is clogged, time is of the essence. Not just because not having working plumbing is a problem, but because clogs often escalate to sewage backups. It’s best to call in a professional plumber at the first sign of a problem. 

However, while you wait for them to arrive, you might be wondering what might have caused your main sewer line to clog in the first place so that you can avoid it in the future. Keep reading to find out!

1. Unflushable Items Being Flushed Down the Toilet

Toilets are manufactured to remove human waste, but not necessarily all the products one might associate with waste. You should never flush products like wet wipes or hygiene products down a toilet. They can easily clog and block minor and major sewage lines. The plastic lining and fibrous fillings in some products can complicate main sewer line repair as well.

2. Dumping Grease Down the Drains

If you haven’t heard of fatbergs yet, you might be in for a disgusting surprise. It doesn’t matter how much hot water you run after pouring the grease into the drain—these greases and fats bind together in the sewer and cause major blockages. 

Never pour greases, fats, or oils down a drain. Look into an environmentally friendly system like food waste recycling or put cooled grease in a sealed container for disposal with your trash service.

3. Troubling Tree Root Growth

While we all love the shade that tall trees can provide for our homes, these very same trees can cause issues underground. The root systems that feed trees can be just as extensive as the branch system seen above ground. 

Sewer lines with leaks can provide a lot of water for trees, and the root system might seek these lines out. The roots can wrap around pipes, pulling them apart, breaking them, or growing inside them.

4. Old or Broken Sewer Lines

If your main sewer line is older and sagging, it can allow fluid and debris to build up. This build-up can create a blockage in the main line that puts strain on the pipe leading to potential breakage. 

Contact a Professional Plumber in Tampa

The best solution for a clogged main sewer line is to bring in an experienced plumbing team with professional tools to clean and repair your sewage system. Hydro jetting is particularly effective as it can clear even the toughest deep-system clogs with no digging or damage. When you’re over your head in plumbing trouble, it’s time to bring in the professionals at Tampa Bay Plumbers. Call 813-758-6237 today to schedule hydro jetting services in Tampa, FL.

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