Tankless Water Heater vs. Tank: What’s Right for Your Home?

tankless water heater vs. tank

You may have seen big water heater tanks in houses before. Did you know that they are not the only option for your household?

If you’re moving or building a house, it may be time to consider alternatives, like tankless water heaters. These heaters are the size of a suitcase!

In this article, we prepared a comparison of tankless water heater vs. tank so you can make the best decision.

Choosing a Hot Water Supply System

Every household must have a water heater, that’s not a question. There are, however, two types of water heating systems that you can choose: tank-based and tankless.

The two systems serve the same purpose and have the same result: hot water. But they use different methods to achieve this, which can affect your purchase decision.

The debate of tankless hot water heater vs. tank rages pretty fiercely. Let’s dive into some of the specifics.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is much smaller than a tank and produces the same amount of hot water. It only generates hot water when you turn on a tap or a machine that requires hot water.

That’s why it’s also called on-demand water heaters. Instead of always having a large supply of hot water, you heat up water as you need it.  

Many homeowners are actually switching to tankless heaters. In fact, a report by Technavio predicts that the market for tankless water heaters will increase by $2.44 billion by 2022.


  • More water flow
  • Steadier temperature
  • Heating up water only as needed
  • Easy installation
  • Saves space
  • Longer lifespan

One of the biggest advantages is the cost and usage efficiency of a tankless water heater. Since you don’t have to constantly have hot water, you’re paying less for more.


Just like any other machine, the tankless water heating system has disadvantages. There are higher upfront costs than a tank due to the installation. Although, this pays off in the long-run. There’s also a limit to the specialized parts of this system, meaning that it may be more difficult to fix if something does go wrong.

Tank Heater

A lot of homes also still use a tank. These storage spaces are insulated to keep water warm. They can store up to 60 gallons of hot water and are therefore quite big in size (5 feet high x 2 feet wide).

Tanks are usually found in the basement due to their size. They use various sources of energy to keep the water in the tank at a constant warm temperature.


  • Fewer upfront costs
  • Lower costs of repair
  • Very reliable


  • A high cost of usage
  • Lower lifespan
  • Requires a large amount of space
  • Flood risks

There you have it! The overview of electric tankless water heater vs. tank.

Tankless Water Heater vs. Tank: Debunked

The debate between tankless water heater vs. tank has a clear answer for us. Tankless water systems tend to be the more popular option. However, this does not automatically mean it’s the best for you. It really comes down to the existing infrastructure in your home.

If you’ve decided that tankless water heaters are the way to go, then you can purchase one from us! We also offer repair services. If you’re interested, then contact us now and read our reviews!

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