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Find reliable solutions for any problems caused by your aging pipes. Call us today for comprehensive cast iron pipe restoration in Tampa Bay.

Many commercial properties and homes built before 1975 have cast iron plumbing, which can corrode, causing plumbing problems over time. Our experts at Tampa Bay Plumbers have over 40 years of experience completing cast iron pipe restorations in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding communities.


We can return your plumbing to like-new condition or replace it entirely if you wish, with innovative, no-damage solutions. We’re a local, award-winning plumbing company and are proud of the reputation we’ve built here in the community. Get in touch with our team today for an inspection to get started.


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What Causes Cast Iron Pipes to Fail

While cast-iron pipes were once a common option in Tampa, they only last for around 50 years. As your cast iron pipes age, they will become more susceptible to natural elements no matter how often you have them cleaned.


Corrosive wastewater containing chemicals and grease will erode a channel at the bottom of the pipe, weakening its structural integrity. Other materials such as soap scum and sediment will also accumulate until they cause clogs or further corrosion.


Even without these added elements, your cast iron sewer or water line would rust due to continued contact with water. This buildup narrows the pipe, constricting flow and creating rough surfaces that tend to snag debris, such as toilet paper.

Cast Iron Pipe Repair VS. Replacement

If it’s in your budget, we always recommend replacement over repair when it comes to cast-iron plumbing. Even if your pipes are in okay shape now, you will have problems in the future—guaranteed.


However, if the damage is minimal and you are looking to minimize costs as much as possible, repairs will restore your pipes in the short term. Some homeowners opt for repair if they plan to sell their house or move soon, for example.


We’re happy to help you make an informed decision about your home’s plumbing. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Cost-Effective Cast Iron Pipe Repair Methods

After we perform a video camera inspection of your plumbing system to verify the condition of your pipes, we’ll suggest the most cost-effective repair or replacement option. We may suggest several different methods depending on the severity of the situation:

  • Pipe burstinginserts a hydraulic bursting head into your system that will destroy your cast iron pipes as it replaces them with pipes made from more durable material.
  • Hydro-jettinguses high-pressure water jets to clear away stubborn corrosion and clogs caused by grease, tree roots, and more.
  • Pipelininginserts and inflates a high-quality epoxy pipe that can either reinforce your existing pipes or replace them completely.

All these methods are trenchless, which means you avoid extra labor costs and damage to your property as we repair your plumbing. They also allow us to perform repairs quickly and provide lasting solutions without excessive digging.

If your property’s cast iron pipes are starting to fail, our team at Tampa Bay Plumbers can provide convenient and noninvasive repair or replacement services. Call us today at 813-696-3634 to schedule cast iron pipe restoration in Tampa, FL.


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