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Top-Rated Epoxy Pipe Lining Services in Tampa Bay & Throughout Florida

When you need effective pipe restoration, you can count on our epoxy pipe lining services. Call our experts to learn more about our plumbing solutions in Tampa Bay today.

If your pipes are damaged, epoxy lining can offer a cost-effective, lasting solution. At Tampa Bay Plumbers, we specialize in no-dig, hassle-free plumbing repair and installation in Tampa, FL. Our team has over 40 years of experience providing plumbing solutions and will go above and beyond to not just meet but exceed your expectations.


We use the best technology in the industry and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about epoxy pipe lining or schedule service.


Not sure you have a leak? Evaluate your plumbing with our quality video inspection and water leak detection services.

Benefits of Epoxy Lining

Our plumbers apply epoxy resin as a liquid coating, which allows it to conform to pipes of any shape or size and seal cracks. It is an environmentally safe material that delivers clean drinking water, complies with U.S. building code regulations, and resists corrosion from wastewater chemicals. These traits also give your epoxy linings a long shelf life and minimize the chance of pipe damage in the future.


Even better, your newly lined system won’t just be more durable—the installation process is also a more cost-effective alternative to pipe replacement. Epoxy liners are quicker to install and require significantly less labor, translating directly into cost savings.

Our Professional Epoxy Pipe Lining Process

Epoxy coating is a trenchless procedure that provides effective results without any digging or yard damage. First, we use real-time video camera inspection to look inside your pipes and find the source of your plumbing problem. If we find blockages from tree roots, mineral buildup, or grease, we blast through it with hydro-jetting technology.


Once your pipes are clean, our plumbers will guide the epoxy liner through your system until it reaches the damaged pipe. We set the epoxy pipe within the existing damaged pipe, then inflate an air bladder to expand it and hold it in place. Within around 24-hours, the epoxy hardens, reinforcing the pipe.


Then, our experienced contractors will perform a second camera inspection to ensure the lining is properly placed and set correctly.


If you still have questions about the epoxy pipelining process or plumbing in general, feel free to contact our team. We’re always happy to help.

When to Choose Epoxy Resin for Pipe Repair

When you need fast and cost-effective pipe restoration, an epoxy lining is the best solution. It excels at strengthening damaged pipe sections that are corroded, cracked, or worn down. However, if your plumbing has severe damage, is cast iron, or larger sections need replacement, we may suggest another option. We offer a comprehensive range of trenchless pipe repair and re-piping services.

For superior pipe repairs, have our experienced plumbers at Tampa Bay Plumbers LLC apply a new epoxy pipe lining in Tampa, FL. Call us today at 813-696-3634 to schedule our quick and non-invasive plumbing services.


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