DBPR Plumbing License In Tampa FL

License Information
License Type:
Certified Plumbing Contractor
Rank: Cert Plumbing

License Number:

Current Active
Licensure Date: 07/28/2003
Expires: 08/31/2020

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Main Address:
TAMPA Florida 33634

Drain Field Repair Services In Tampa

Water not getting hot? Smelly water? High water and electric bills? We can fix it now!

Does your Drain Field need repairs? If you need a plumber call Tampa Bay Plumbers. We can fix your Drain Field quickly & with minimal construction impact today! We are your Tampa Bay Drain Field Repair Experts! Book a service call.

Drain Field Repairs The Right Way!

When a drain field fails it stops accepting water and the septic tank fills all the way up. Once this happens the house backs up and toilets can overflow with sewage. So why does the drain field fail in the first place? Most of the time it is due to the materials used for construction and the quality of the workmanship. We tear out more failing EZFlow systems than any other. In fact, Tampa Bay Plumbers finds many EZFlow systems failing in less than 5 years of service.

Rock, gravel, and pipe systems last for a very long time and are still in service today. They are no longer commonly installed in Florida last up to 50+ years. Most of the quality systems you see today are made using chamber materials and septic quality sand. The chambers are easy to install and provide a massive volume of water to allow the ground time to percolate all of the wastewater produced in your home or business. Tampa Bay Plumbers uses this chamber style installation on all of its septic repairs because we never tear them out!

Drain Field Repair Tampa

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